8 Most Common Shapes for Inground Swimming Pools in Florida

8 Most Common Shapes for Inground Swimming Pools in Florida

Written by: Elajuwan R. Davis

October 30, 2020

Inground Swimming Pools in Florida, how important is the shape?

Are you trying to decide on the most appropriate swimming pool design for your yard? Is it giving you a headache? We want to make the process smoother by introducing eight different design types to consider. Here are the 8 most common shapes for inground swimming pools in Florida.

1. Classic Rectangle and Lap Pools

Rectangles may not be the most creative shapes for swimming pools. However, they are among the most popular styles for inground swimming pools in Florida. This shape is ideal for apartments or yards that do not have much space. Plus, the design is timeless and never goes out of style. Moreover, this shape is perfect for exercise and swimming laps. You do not have to worry about a specific length. Our designers can have it made according to your distinct measurements.

2. Geometric Pools

Geometric pool forms are an inspiration of mathematical grandeur, leaving you amazed at first glance. The choices are endless, from fading edges, to fountain bubblers, spillways, and overflow features on your pool structure. Geometric designs favor both contemporary and traditional native outdoor living grounds. These particular pool designs allow you to get creative. Feel free to choose both triangular and amiable curves, amongst other silhouettes of your choice.

3. Kidney Shaped

Kidney pools take the shape of an extended oval with a nick on one of its ends. Amazingly, the size of the pool depends on your pocket, purpose, and garden space size. Smaller cross-sections of the pool can be about 20 by 10 feet. The length suits gardens located in big towns with limited space. Surprisingly, 16 feet by 32 feet remains suitable for laps and pool party events. However, the cost of constructing Kidney shaped inground swimming pools in Florida depends on:

  • Materials used (such as gunite and fiberglass)
  • Possible levies
  • Permeability of soils
  • Climatic and seasonal environmental variations
  • Number of additional scenery features


4. Perimeter Overflow

Perimeter overflow swimming pools are sophisticated designs executed by professionals. This look leaves a person wondering how the walls appear vanished. Water comes from four points, and it overflows over the edges. The pool has a catch basin that channels the water back into the pool. Arguably, there are two types of perimeter overflows, including the deck leveled and raised pools. Decked ground pools form perfect cubes as used in the new era. The water often appears motionless as it flows from end to end. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have additional features in this pool. Adding other components could alter the smoothness of the trench’s surfaces.

5. Free-forms Pools

As the name free-form suggests, this shape does not follow any particular rules. Instead, you get to make them depending on your personal preferences! The fact that these inground pools do not follow geometrical rules makes them perfect for most homes. Free-form pools assimilate impeccably with the surrounding environment. This design is ideal for home proprietors who wish to construct a pool on irregular space available. These pools have a diversity of names and subtypes with examples like bayou and lake design pools. With these kinds of pools, it is possible to establish an exclusive oasis since they contain more trajectories than other pool formats.

6. Custom Pools

Homes need an outstanding visual. Often homeowners will allow our architects to set up a unique poolscape that accentuates the beauty and individuality of their home. Concrete is the ideal material for creating this distinct type of pool. This is because this versatile material can adjust to an array of sizes and shapes. These days, there is a rich array of custom pool forms like guitars, star-fish, vehicles, and even butterfly shapes. Custom pools are perfect for the home proprietors who are brave and are willing to establish an outstanding, one-of-a-kind poolscape.

7. Grecian and Roman Pools

Grecian and Roman design pools are seen as modified classic rectangular swimming pools. Oldaged art depicts classic aesthetic components. Roman pools have accorded corners and convex ends, while Grecian pools have sharp corners which create an octagon. Both Roman and Grecian designs acclimatize with various homes, mainly Tuscan and Aegean makes. These pools can be reminiscent of creations from another generation if a builder uses a multihued glass tile and is enclosed with Travertine trimming. Roman-shaped pools have a compelling appeal that spotlights the features within your surroundings. Roman swimming pools have arcs that may have stairs to use while entering the swimming pool. The stairs give you an allowance to laze around on, making this shape ideal for sunbathing.

8. Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are among the wildest pool layouts in this era. Infinity pools are inspired by Math and Science. They often rise above an edge into a neighboring landscape. Our architects may recommend an infinity pool for a home that is bordered by palm tree groves or wooded glens. The best homes to construct infinity pools are those that overlook landscapes like oceans and rivers.

In conclusion, your inground Floridian swimming pool should be constructed according to your preferences and to your satisfaction. The premises, pool, outdoor, and scenery that borders your backyard should all blend in with each other. Finally, when you look at your complete inground pool, you can thank your designer and the constructor for a magnificent job. Contact Florida Pools today for more info on pool shapes.

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